AMP is a comprehensive leadership training program that provides a dynamic learning experience. AMP helps your team members become extraordinary organizational contributors by providing them with the necessary tools to reach their full leadership potential.

Transform Your Team

AMP consists of three modules: Self-Management, Professional Effectiveness, and Relationship Management. Each module focuses on a crucial theme of leadership and includes interactive scenarios, animations, and quizzes for over 8 hours of online learning content. AMP equips your organization with the essential skills to develop effective leaders and succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.

Real-World Application

Each module is accompanied by an optional in-person workshop. These workshops offer a chance for your team to further develop their skills, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from experienced facilitators. Through personal interactions, discussions, and activities, your team will learn how to apply the skills they’ve learned in AMP to their day-to-day work, ensuring that they can be effective leaders in any context.

AMP Curriculum

AMP is designed to provide practical strategies that can be immediately applied to the workplace.
This comprehensive training results in improvements to team collaboration, employee engagement, and overall productivity.

After completing this program, your employees will be fully equipped to lead and represent your organization at the highest level.