Exploring Potential creates engaging, interactive training that pushes the boundaries of what learning and development can be. We provide blended learning options that span digital modules, on-the-job learning guides, and hands-on activities. Not only will we deliver the learning solutions to match your specific needs, but we’ll house those training materials in a Learning Management Platform (LMP) of our own creation—or coordinate with your existing system—with the goal of creating a seamless experience for your learners.
Exploring Potential identifies and takes ownership over next-generation technology in order to meet unprecedented standards of employee engagement. We recognize trends like augmented reality (AR) and interactive, live-action video, and then find ways to leverage them in critical areas of employee training. We bring our extensive research, experience, and creativity to new technologies in order to maximize learner engagement, save management or trainer time, and move employees toward alignment with business goals.
We utilize state-of-the-art production equipment and talent to deliver polished and engaging media content. Whether you’re looking for stylized motion graphics, computer animation, live-action video production, or whiteboard animation, we’ll work with you to find a style and medium that meets your unique needs. Exploring Potential’s creative process will produce memorable, dynamic media for your company—finding the perfect way to tell your story, effect positive change, and highlight the visual elements that drive your brand forward.


We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for your company.