Project Description

In collaboration with Coca-Cola, NCG Cinema entrusted us with a thrilling challenge: launching a new and exclusive soda flavor, “Cherry Chill.” This festive, holiday cinema marketing campaign occurred across 26 theater locations and online, spanning a dynamic 6-week period


The campaign set out to achieve several key goals:

  • Generate excitement around the innovative Cherry Chill flavor and the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.
  • Foster robust engagement both online and within the theater.
  • Drive concessions sales by igniting customer interest.
  • Leverage customer engagement through an enticing contest – requiring opt-in to NCG email communications for a chance to win a private theater rental.


The Exploring Potential team orchestrated a multi-faceted strategy, crafting an all-encompassing customer experience around the Cherry Chill campaign. At the heart of this initiative, we created the spirited Cherry Chill penguins, serving as charismatic ambassadors throughout the campaign.

The launch commenced with exhilarating in-theater activities over two weekends. NCG patrons were welcomed by a vibrant lobby atmosphere featuring Cherry Chill-clad NCG employees distributing a range of delightful giveaways, including t-shirts, pins, and stickers. In-theater experiences included multiple photo opportunities: from an imaginative “snow globe” cutout to an inviting “snow angel” backdrop. Digital posters, menu board takeovers, and strategically placed point-of-sale signage also helped to shape the campaign. The campaign’s online facet unfolded through a series of engaging web banners, purpose-built landing pages, and social media posts, all adeptly aligned with the Cherry Chill brand and its spirited message.

Comprehensive Strategy & Design

Intentional Cinema Marketing

This uniquely branded, multi-channel campaign unfolded both online and in theaters over an eventful 6-week period, effectively reinforcing the messaging and reaching customers in diverse and engaging ways.

To ensure uniformity across all 26 theaters, we orchestrated the assembly and dispatch of comprehensive “campaign in a box” kits, each meticulously crafted with a setup guide, guaranteeing an exceptional and consistent customer experience at every location. These kits enabled NCG’s theaters to craft distinctive and engaging customer interactions, bringing the campaign’s vibrancy to life.


The campaign yielded remarkable results, with a significant surge in drink sales compared to the previous period. Notably, the Cherry Chill flavor eclipsed even some of the longstanding favorites, a testament to its alluring appeal.

Online engagement soared – resulting in 1400 new followers and an over 60% increase in average post engagement. The campaign also proved instrumental in acquiring over 10,000 new email opt-ins.