Goals & Challenges

In 2022, our team embarked on a collaborative journey with our valued partners at Pure Options, based in Lansing, MI. Our primary goal was to create a captivating video that would effectively encapsulate Pure’s values, mission, and culture while aligning seamlessly with their brand identity.

While the standard approach to a culture video typically involves interviewing a select few stakeholders, the depth and breadth of Pure’s story demanded a more extensive approach.


To truly capture the essence of Pure Options, we conducted interviews with a diverse range of 20 individuals, ranging from senior leadership to employees on the retail floor. Through these interviews, we gained valuable insights into their individual perspectives, the unwavering high standards they uphold, and the exceptional cross-departmental communication among their teams.

With this wealth of content, our next challenge was to weave it into a cohesive narrative. To accomplish this, we embarked on an extensive analysis of over 600 minutes of interviews. During this process, several key themes emerged, and we presented our findings to the stakeholders at Pure Options. Collaborating closely, we brainstormed and ultimately discovered a narrative direction that felt genuine and resonant.

Video Stills


After a series of iterative editing sessions, we proudly unveiled the Brand Story: an eight-minute video that effectively captures the essence of what it’s like to work at Pure Options, highlighting the unique paths their leaders have taken to navigate the challenges of an evolving industry.

Our team takes immense pride in the production value of this project and our ability to craft an engaging narrative. It brings us great pride to partner with Pure Options. We deeply value our ability to work closely with our clients, understanding and effectively communicating big-picture ideas throughout their entire organization.