Goals & Challenges

Consumers Energy approached Exploring Potential with a significant challenge – effectively communicating complex strategy information to employees across the company. The goal was to create a comprehensive communications and training initiative that would gain buy-in at all levels.

Our objective was to educate and foster conversations between different departments, building an understanding that all areas of the organization play a vital role in the comprehensive strategy and future success.


To break away from the monotonous pattern of dry white papers and lengthy PowerPoint presentations, we collaborated with Consumers’ Director of Executive Strategy Mobilization Communications to develop an innovative solution – “A Tale of 2 Grids” (T2G).

This unique approach combined elements of training programs, workshops, and interactive games. Each element was designed to engage participants in an interesting and exciting way.

With colorful visuals, easily digestible information, and interactive gameplay, T2G conveyed complex programs and strategies while encouraging in-person group participation. Starting from a rough outline and storyboard, our team crafted T2G from the ground up, including strategy development, branding, content creation, and execution of all elements.

Comprehensive Communications Design & Strategy

Intentional Design

Our team meticulously designed the T2G “game package” to ensure sustainability and easy replication for in-person workshops across the organization. Each custom-designed box contained a branded game board that also served as an informative visual strategy “map.” Additionally, each game package included color-coded game card packs encouraging participants to explore topics in depth. We incorporated accessory pieces to enhance the interactive nature of the game, and a comprehensive “Navigator Guide” was provided for facilitators.


“A Tale of Two Grids” is one of Exploring Potential’s most innovative projects, showcasing our creative problem-solving and strategic communications expertise at its finest. It has garnered exceptional reception throughout Consumers Energy’s organization and has been acknowledged by industry peers for its distinctive and dynamic approach to corporate training and engagement.