Transforming Technician Training with American Repair Maintenance

Collaborating closely with American Repair Maintenance (ARM), we embarked on a mission to develop a comprehensive, online training program tailored to their technicians. The primary goal was to digitize, standardize, and streamline the training process for new technicians and trainers. Additionally, ARM wanted the ability to collect data and feedback on the training process from both new technicians and trainers. This data would help to optimize the training process and identify areas of improvement and success.

ARM’s nationwide network of technicians came from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Our challenge was to establish consistency in their work and client interactions.

Our Approach

We began with extensive information-gathering sessions. We meticulously reviewed the current new technician training process ARM. We determined the most suitable solution was to create a real-time, interactive process on our Learning Management Platform (LMP) that new and current technicians could use together during training. Working with existing guides and checklists, we determined the key topics to cover during this training and identified essential mobile applications ARM uses for tracking and reporting work details.

Our development team began building two interactive courses on the LMP that could work in tandem. We designed the courses to deliver training content, prompt feedback, and test the new technicians’ comprehension. The courses needed to cater to both new technicians and their trainers. The goal was to provide new technicians with personalized in-person training and give trainers support and guidance during the process.

Next, we focused on the training content. We determined that quick video tutorials would deliver training content within the courses. We crafted scripts that meticulously defined steps and procedures for many scenarios technicians might encounter. These were thoughtfully scripted to be accessible to both novices and seasoned professionals, striking a balance between inclusivity and clarity.

Once the scripts received approval, we produced 11 custom videos thoughtfully optimized for mobile viewing. These videos seamlessly integrated screen share recordings of the applications, dynamic highlights, text overlays, callouts, and illustrative examples.

We programmed all data and responses from the feedback and knowledge checks to be collected in a PDF and sent to ARM’s stakeholders at the end of the training process.

Results & Conculsion

The result is a standardized online experience for all technicians and trainers throughout the country. New technicians receive personalized in-person training alongside access to a robust training program during their onboarding process.

The ARM leadership team can now efficiently monitor and evaluate its trainers, new technicians, and the technician training process.

This project presented our team with a unique challenge: delivering creative, custom solutions that effectively informed and standardized processes for an entire workforce.