Project Overview

In 2018, Michigan State University approached our team to collaborate on a communications campaign in partnership with their Resident and Hospitality Services branch. The primary objective of this campaign was to create a video series with a distinct video for each of the five neighborhoods on MSU’s campus. The intent was to publish them online, making the videos publicly accessible for incoming students.

Approach & Objectives

Our goal was to create descriptive, welcoming, and inclusive videos, all while accurately portraying diversity among the student body. To achieve this, we immersed ourselves in the project, spending four days on MSU’s campus. During this time, we worked closely with university leaders, faculty, and staff within each neighborhood to ensure an authentic representation.

Video Production Process

Our dedicated team captured high-quality videos and stills, meticulously documenting nearly every aspect of MSU’s campus. This comprehensive approach included capturing footage of living halls, the beautiful natural surroundings, iconic landmarks, and specific elements unique to each neighborhood, such as amenities, living spaces, and dining halls.

To enhance the storytelling, we collaborated closely with student actors who portrayed daily life within each neighborhood. This innovative approach combined documentary-style footage with intentional mini-narratives, effectively capturing what it’s like to live on MSU’s campus as a student.

Additionally, to provide prospective students with a better understanding of the campus layout, we created 3D animation renderings of the living halls in each neighborhood, showcasing them on a virtual map.

Final Deliverables and Reception

Our work resulted in five unique videos, each approximately 2 minutes long. Accompanied by a welcoming voiceover audio that explained the amenities of each neighborhood, these videos successfully showcased the distinct features of MSU’s campus.

Our partners at Michigan State University were thrilled with the final results. The videos remain accessible on the MSU Live On YouTube channel, serving as a valuable resource for incoming students.