Project Description

In the summer of 2020, NCG Cinemas came to us with a request: create a promotional video that reminds audiences of the value of the moviegoing experience. At this time, engagement in the moviegoing industry was waning due to the pandemic, and our partners at NCG wanted to inspire their customers during a difficult time.

Our team brainstormed, revised, and eventually devised a pitch: a cinema coming alive and illuminating from the dark. We would juxtapose this imagery with fan-favorite movie clips from Toy Story, Harry Potter, Spiderman, and more.

We held video shoots at NCG after hours: working with a minimal crew in order to get the shots we needed. After editing, animating, and rendering 3D footage of NCG’s logo, we polished our work with a robust sound mix.

Exploring Potential is immensely proud of what we achieved with our partners at NCG Cinemas. The final product speaks to the original vision and garnered praise and excitement from NCG’s audience during a time when inspiration was more valuable than ever.