Project Description

Michigan State University’s “Live On” Campaign aimed to communicate the university as an inclusive and exciting space for students to begin their college journey. Exploring Potential had the privilege of being responsible for communicating the campaign to university students, with a specific focus on incoming freshmen.

The campaign’s communication rollout centered around a captivating promotional video. Our objective was to showcase the university and inspire students to choose Michigan State as their educational destination.

To bring our vision to life, we collaborated closely with our partners at Michigan State to craft an inspiring script. During our week-long visit to MSU’s campus, we captured footage of iconic university landmarks in the dormitories, dining halls, and neighborhoods. We also showcased student life, capturing moments of studying, recreational activities, and friendships.

For the final video product, our skillful video editors combined the footage with uplifting music and voiceover audio from unique voices. The result was a powerful message of inclusivity that resonated with both Michigan State University and its intended audience.

Our work on the “Live On” Campaign received high praise from Michigan State, as it brought cohesion to their overall campaign and complemented the Residence and Housing Services video series, which we also produced. Having several team members who are alumni of Michigan State made this project even more special for us.